Importing Democracy

"Through the combination of careful technical detail and brilliantly incisive commentary, Fisher convincingly demonstrates the link between the growth of civil society and democratization."


Justin O. Frosini,
Director of the Center for Constitutional Studies
and Democratic Development, Bologna and Assistant Professor, Boccini University, Milan.

"Steeped in history, culture, and filled with detail about the efforts of local and national democratization NGOs in South Africa, Tajikistan, and Argentina, Fisher does a masterful job...Such methods are messy, diverse, and subject to failure, but these democratization organizations are the connective tissue of growing civil societies."

Virginia Hodgkinson,
Vice President for Research,
Independent Sector (Retired)

"Locally grounded but globally relevant, nationally responsive yet cosmopolitan oriented, civic minded yet institutionally focused, unapologetically progressive yet intellectually eclectic, this is a must read for all those interested in democracies and their future in the modern world."

Adam Habib,
Vice Chancellor,
University of Johannesburg,
South Africa