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Turning a Political Jungle into a Diverse Rainforest

In my last blog, I wrote that political sanity can emerge from political insanity. The wide, diverse opposition to Donald Trump, evidence of political sanity, has only become more apparent since his inauguration. 

What we are seeing out there is a kind of wild political rainforest, containing a wealth of democratic organizations. While these include the big, endangered species such as the two parties, they also encompass smaller, more adaptable species, especially within the nonprofit sector, that focus on rescuing, preserving and strengthening democracy.

Some of these democratization organizations have been around for a long time, but have been revitalized by their opposition to Trump. The American Civil Liberties Union, for example, received millions of dollars in online contributions during its successful legal opposition to Trump’s first Executive Order on immigration. Other well-established organizations that have benefited from the reaction to the election are the Brennan Center for Justice, which combats state-level assaults on voting rights and The League of Women Voters.  The National Popular Vote Compact was reactivated by Hillary Clinton’s popular vote margin.  There are also organizations, such as Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, that focus only on their own state.

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